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ASPIREuk Covid-19


Work Package Two

WP2 (months 2-8): UK/Netherlands comparison

  1. Documentary review COVID-19 guidelines/advice/reports/ from governmental, professional and service user sources (internal and public facing).
  2. Women’s views/experiences of maternity care provision before, during, and after COVID-19 through the B3 survey, geo-mapped to birthplace, (anticipated n=over 3000 total).
  3. Interviews with relevant national governmental, professional, and service user organisation leads (n= approximately 20 total).

Analysis: Simple descriptives (quantitative data), and a deductive thematic approach based on safety and personalisation principles (Qualitative data/non-research materials). Interviews will be transcribed in vivo by voice-to-text software. Findings will be mapped together, to identify patterns, similarities, and differences within/between the two countries, and over time, against our theoretical framework


  1. Chronology/analysis of the nature and drivers of national organisational responses and associated professional and public-facing guidance, throughout COVID-19.
  2. Report on women’s experiences of maternity care before, during and after COVID-19, by country and region.